The Cost of Bankruptcy

Learn more about the costs associated with filing bankruptcy.

The Cost of Bankruptcy

 Bankruptcy costs typically include filing fees that are paid to the court and attorney’s fees. The total cost will largely depend on your financial situation, the complexity of your case, and whether you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. What we always encourage our potential clients to do is set up a free appointment to come in and meet with one of our bankruptcy attorneys so they can go over your specific situation in detail with you and layout all of your options. During this free appointment, you will be under zero obligation to move forward in any way and at a minimum, you can get a better understanding of what choices you may have to take back control of your financial life.

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost in Alabama?

Though the expense of filing bankruptcy with the court is fixed, what you’ll pay an attorney and how you’ll make the payments can vary, depending on who you hire, where you live and the complexity of your case.

Bankruptcy Filing Fees

Generally, the bankruptcy court requires payment of a filing fee when a bankruptcy petition is filed. These fees are set by the courts and are typically paid after the case has been filed. In many cases, these fees are paid in installments, depending on which district the case is filed.

Chapter 7

  • Chapter 7 Total Filing Fees: $338.00

Chapter 13

  • Chapter 13 Total Filing Fees: $313.00

Credit Counseling Fees

Credit counseling agencies typically charge anywhere from $10.00 to $25.00 for the credit counseling course, depending on which agency you decide to go with.

Attorney Fees 

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 attorney fees vary depending on each individual’s situation. The actual cost can depend on several factors, including but not limited to: level of complexity, number and type of creditors, number of reaffirmed creditors, income level, and the amount of property you claim. Our attorneys will calculate your cost with a free, no obligation, quote during your free initial appointment.

Chapter 13

In a chapter 13, attorney’s fees are typically paid in monthly installments through your chapter 13 payment plan, rather than upfront. The attorney’s fee is typically based upon the district of which the case is filed. Each district sets the attorney fee that can be charged without further court approval. The attorney fee that can be charged in the Alabama districts are as follows:

Middle, Northern and Southern Districts of Alabama

  • $4,500.00

Brock & Stout Can Help

We can get started with filing your chapter 13 bankruptcy for as little as $10.00 – $25.00, based on your location. This will cover the cost of your credit counseling course and will allow us to move forward with the initial filing of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We hope that you will give us an opportunity to meet with you for a free appointment with one of our attorneys so that we can layout all of your options for you with no obligation whatsoever. We will do everything that we can to help you and your family.

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