Do You Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

Understanding the qualification requirements for Social Security benefits

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Do you qualify for Social Security benefits?

To decide if you qualify for Social Security benefits on the basis of being disabled, the Social Security Administration uses a five question process.

1. Are you working?

First you must prove you are unable to perform any substantial gainful activity. You must be unable to perform your current job or any other job for a year or more.

2. Is your disability severe?

Your condition must impede required basic work-related activities for your claim to be approved.

3. Is your disability found in the list of disabling medical conditions?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps a list of medical conditions that meet their required level of severity that automatically means you are disabled. If your disability is not on the list, then SSA must decide if your condition is of equal medical severity to determine you disabled.

4. Can you do the work you did previously?

If your condition is not on the list of medical conditions that meet the required level of severity, then your condition must interfere with your ability to do the work you had done previously.

5. Can you do other types of work?

Are you able to perform any other type of work that your age, education, skill-level and past work experience may qualify you for? If it is determined you are capable of working in any capacity, most likely your claim will be denied.

How our Attorneys can Help You

Social Security allows all applicants to have a disability lawyer represent you and your interests through all parts of the application and appeals process. Our attorneys are very knowledgeable about the process and will be able to save you time and stress through this lengthy process. Statistics have shown that having a disability attorney can significantly increase the chances of having a Social Security claim approved. Don’t take the chance of missing out on the benefits you deserve, let us help you. Contact us today and we will get started right away.

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