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Criminals set out to hurt people; sometimes for profit, sometimes just for fun, but most accidents aren’t criminally motivated. Some person just got careless and, before anybody knew it, boom, you got hurt.

When that happens, and it does, even in wonderful places like Andalusia, the law states that the person or persons owe you compensation for medical expenses, loss of income (from lost work time) as well as sometimes your pain and suffering. Some accidents are small and the effects short-term. Some are not — a traffic accident or on-the-job injury or illness, maybe even wrongful death could alter your life permanently. If you find yourself on the losing end of someone else’s problem, you’re going to have personal injury law questions and the injury attorneys at Brock & Stout are here to help.

Types of Personal Injury Claims Our Attorneys Handle

Our Andalusia personal injury attorneys have experience in many types of injury cases. Here is a list of common cases we handle.

  and so much more…  

If you don’t see a specific type of case on this list, that doesn’t mean we can’t handle it. Call us today (334) 222-5600 to explain your situation and we’ll evaluate your personal injury case.

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The law is well-intentioned. Very few people are out to hurt others. Most insurance companies give exceptional service to their clients. If you hit that rare case when none of that is true, think about a law firm that has been handling personal injury cases in Andalusia, Alabama and the surrounding areas, for over 23 years. We have only been successful over the years because customer service and taking care of our clients is our top priority. We’ve built our practice on putting our client’s needs first and acting with integrity. If someone else’s mistake has put your back against the wall, contact Brock & Stout, we’ll stand with you. Call (334) 222-5600.

Andalusia’s Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury compensation is covered primarily by state law, however, some cases (such as product liability or food poisoning caused by products sold nationwide) are covered by federal law as well. Both state and federal law can be extremely complex. That’s why you hire a personal injury attorney.

At Brock & Stout, we work on contingency — if we don’t get you a settlement or jury award, you owe us nothing, not even case expenses.

By the way, if you’ve had an accident, you probably assumed your insurance company would be on your side. You’re right, they should! But we’ve all heard horror stories about people denied legitimate claims on fine-print technicalities. If you don’t want to handle this situation alone, our Andalusia attorneys would love to help.

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