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Personal Injury Attorneys in Opelika, Alabama

Accidents happen — even in a wonderful town like Opelika — and, when someone else is at fault, that person or those persons owe you. The law requires they cover medical expenses, loss of income through lost work time as well, as compensation for your pain and suffering. Whether it’s a traffic accident, dog attack, wrongful death, on-the-job injury, or illness, someone else’s negligence shouldn’t ruin your life. If you find yourself on the losing end of a serious event, you’re going to have personal injury law questions. Fortunately, Brock & Stout is here to help.

Types of Personal Injury Claims Our Attorneys Handle

Our Opelika personal injury attorneys have experience in many types of injury cases. Here is a list of common cases we handle.

  and so much more…       If you don’t see a specific type of case on this list, that doesn’t mean we can’t handle it. Call us today (334) 759-3328 to explain your situation and we’ll evaluate your personal injury case.

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Don’t let the law (however well-intentioned it might have been), the party that messed up your life, or their insurance companies bully you or abandon you or push you to doing something that isn’t in your best interest. Brock & Stout has been handling personal injury cases in Opelika Alabama, for over 23 years. Businesses only last that long by giving quality service and earning their clients’ trust.

Building our practice on integrity and putting our client’s needs first, Brock & Stout focuses the practice on specific areas, including personal injury law. In Opelika, Alabama, and the other towns we serve, you’ll always be our Brock & Stout Opelika attorney’s highest priority. If negligence has put your back against the wall, you don’t have to stand alone. Contact Brock & Stout, we’ll stand with you. Call our office today at (334) 759-3328.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Opelika

At Brock & Stout, we work on a contingency basis — if we don’t get you a settlement offer, you owe us nothing, not even case expenses. We want that clearly understood up front for three reasons: First, it’s in our best interest to look after your best interest. Second, we are that confident that we’ll get you the compensation you deserve. Third, we have a track record of success that entirely justifies that confidence. As Yogi Berra used to say, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

Personal injury law varies from state to state; sometimes, even from county to county or city to city. You can’t possibly know them all, but you may have to deal with many of them depending on where you live, where the accident happened and where the negligent party lives. In some cases, such as product liability or pharmaceutical liability, state and federal law may come into play. There’s no way you can or should have to be familiar with all these laws. That’s why you hire an Opelika personal injury attorney.

Then, of course, there are the insurance companies. Your carrier should be on your side but you’ve certainly heard a few horror stories about people denied legitimate claims on fine-print technicalities. The other party’s insurance company could use every trick they know to deny your claim or ignore you long enough to push you to just forget the whole mess and live with whatever low-ball offer they make.

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