Unfortunately, any number of possibilities could upset your financial stability. Personal hardships such as losing your job, facing an unexpected illness or injury, and divorce are several examples. Any of these could lead to out-of-control debt. You may also be trapped in what seems like an endless cycle of debt.

If this happens, bankruptcy could provide you a financial fresh start.

Since our nation’s founding, millions of American debtors have overcome crippling debt because of the key provisions provided through bankruptcy laws. But, bankruptcy is not a one-size-fits-all process. While the initial steps of the bankruptcy process moves at a similar pace, many factors vary from case to case. Each individual’s financial situation, income level, amount of assets, amount and types of debt can and will impact the type of bankruptcy best suited to the specific circumstance.

Your unique situation will determine aspects such as:

  • if you should file bankruptcy;
  • which chapter of bankruptcy you should file;
  • how you should file bankruptcy (single or jointly);
  • when you should file;
  • how much of your debt can be discharged through bankruptcy;
  • whether you will have to repay any debt; and
  • how long you will be in bankruptcy.

Get Help Filing Bankruptcy

Because the bankruptcy process is so particular to any number of factors, it is to your benefit to seek the services of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.
An experienced bankruptcy attorney can perform a careful analysis of your financial situation and help you understand how the bankruptcy laws will affect you in your particular situation. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will know the best way for you to proceed and can guide you through the process.

Brock & Stout’s bankruptcy lawyers have 24 years of experience helping clients through the bankruptcy process. They understand how each individual’s unique financial situation can impact their ability to get a financial fresh through bankruptcy. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your financial situation and see if we can help you begin the journey to financial recovery.