Dog bites and attacks, while initially seemingly trivial, can completely derail your life. The physical ailments, the potential for disease, and mental fallout can all be time complicated and time-consuming. Due to these potential obstacles and the complexity of navigating different state, city, and county ordinances, it can be crucial to have a trusted personal injury lawyer by your side to navigate your dog bit claim.

For those in the Alabama, Georgia, and Florida tri-state area, partnering with a tried and true team, like the one at Brock and Stout, can be critical to determining what action needs to be taken. They will help you determine liability and win your case, should it need to be pursued.

Liability for Dog Attack

There are many factors that determine who is liable for dog bite or attacks. An excellent dog attack attorney will have many questions in helping you determine the responsible party. Each city, state, and county may consider many different facts when determining liability.

Information such as, who the dog belongs to, where the dog is being housed, where the attack occurred, and many other factors go into determining liability for dog bites. Because more than one municipality may have laws governing your case, it’s important to have a dog attack attorney by your side to help you through the process.

What to Do After a Dog Attack

The initial dog attack can leave your flustered. Here are some simple steps of what to do after:

  1. Get to safety – ensure the dog can longer attack or bite you

  2. Call the police – be sure to file a report for official records

  3. Get medical attention – even if it’s “just a bite”, get checked by a medical professional

  4. Contact animal control – proper authorities need to investigate if the dog poses a further threat

  5. Call an attorney – it’s key to immediately determine if further action needs to be pursued

How a Montgomery Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Aside from wading through information to determine the liable party, any on our Montgomery personal injury lawyers will help you save time and make sense of what’s going on. The right dog attack attorney will show compassion to your situation and fight for your rights. They will help you navigate the laws that pertain to your particular case and give a voice to your claim.

Those in the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida need look no further than the team at Brock and Stout. When it comes to dog bite claims, our attorneys in Montgomery and beyond work on contingency. This means we don’t get paid unless you win your settlement, so we have your best interests at heart. Contact us online today or call us directly at (334) 265-7355 to see if your dog bite claim should be pursued.