Accidents happen constantly. A plate slips and shatters on the floor causing injury, a runner trips on a sidewalk, or a distracted driver bumps into the car in front of him — these are all accidents that occur every day. Unfortunately, many of these accidents cause injuries, and some of these injuries require legal action.

Reports of accident and injury have declined significantly in the past decade. For both males and females, for instance, the death rate declined by 29 percent. This decline remains consistent across all racial and ethnic groups as well. However, accidents will always happen and some may be serious or catastrophic.

One of the most common causes of unintentional injuries is by motor vehicle. Other injuries – and deaths – are frequently caused by drowning, fires, and falls. While these have also declined since the turn of the century, rates of accidental suffocation and poisoning have increased. Many times, these situations can be prevented.

When injuries are severe and result in significant medical bills and physical or psychological trauma, the victims involved may be eligible for compensation. This is especially likely if the person or entity deemed responsible for the accident was acting negligently. For instance, playground equipment that is broken or faulty can easily result in injuries. If the local municipal authorities or other group in charge of this area had knowledge of the issue and failed to remedy it, negligence may be proven.

In cases that may have been accidental but are nonetheless caused in part by negligence, there may be grounds for personal injury lawsuits. A legal professional can assist with investigation, collection of necessary documentation, preparation and strategic planning of a case, as well as aggressive presentation in or out of court. For detailed information regarding statutory guidelines and the comprehensive legal services available, contact Brock & Stout today.