A car accident, however serious, is something most motorists will experience within their lifetimes. The experience can be anything from a bit frightening to completely earth shattering depending on the injuries, damage, and subsequent costs. Fortunately, there are sources of assistance, including police, insurance companies (to a point), and auto accident attorneys to represent your case.

Here are answers to the most common questions regarding car accident injury claims:

  •  What do I do immediately after a car accident? The answer to this question is largely dependent on what happened. If you are seriously hurt, it’s important to start by seeking out immediate medical attention. If you are waiting for the police to arrive on the scene, be sure to take notes about all of the related facts regarding the accident. These will prove helpful in the future, when some details are usually forgotten.
  •  How is fault determined in a car accident? When the police officer arrives on the scene, he or she will usually start by taking notes. Each party involved in the accident will then be interviewed and questioned. The police officer will then make a determination and file an official report. While this report will play a major role in determining fault, it is not always the only deciding factor.
  •  Do I have the right to file a claim if I’m injured? Depending on the circumstances, who is at fault, and the extent of your injuries, you may have the right to file an injury claim with the appropriate insurance company.
  •  How do I make an injury claim? Injury claims can be detailed and require proper preparation. While you may be able to go through this process on your own, your odds of receiving a successful claim are greatly increased when you choose to use the services of a personal injury lawyer.

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