Have you been denied benefits when applying for Social Security disability, leaving you worried about how to proceed? A Social Security disability denial of benefits can leave anyone concerned about their future, and attempt to navigate the Social Security system only leads to more questions.

While legal representation is not required, partnering with Mobile Social Security attorneys, Brock & Stout, will help you prepare for success when tackling your Social Security disability denial case.

Preparing for your Social Security Disability Case

The most important part of winning your Social Security disability case is for you to be ready & prepared. Preparation includes gathering as much information about your case as possible, as well as being prepared for questioning with an administrative law judge.

  • Gather Complete Medical Records

Having a complete picture to present to a judge is the best way to demonstrate your eligibility for benefits. This is where an attorney can mainly come in handy to assist with your Social Security disability denial. An attorney can help determine if there are gaps in your medical history that need to be addressed and attain records more quickly than what you may be able to.

  • Obtain Medical Opinions

Your Mobile Social Security disability attorney can be especially advantageous in this area. There’s a good chance you may need a medical opinion from your treating physician. This is something your attorney can help identify and request, likely with faster results than the time it would take you doing all the work on your own. Additionally, there may be a need to schedule additional physical or psychological examinations through Social Security, which your attorney can further help to navigate.

  • The Ins and Outs of Questioning

The final bit of preparation is likely the scariest. If you are heading to an appeal hearing, the administrative law judge will be asking you questions. It’s best to have an idea of what will be asked of you and how best to answer ahead of time. You need to know all aspects of your case, and how to best inform the judge of the facts. This is where your attorney becomes a crucial member to defending your Social Security disability denial.

Seek Help from a Mobile SSD Attorney

If you have been denied benefits or desire aid during your social security disability case, the Mobile lawyers at Brock & Stout are here for you. We understand how confusing and intimidating navigating a Social Security disability denial can be. Let us put together a plan to get you the benefits you deserve, all while making the process less threatening.

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