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If you have never been down this road before, you should know that filing for social security disability benefits can be a long and complicated process. There are many legal forms that need to be filed and a host of potential mistakes that can severely damage a person’s chances of receiving disability payments. To shorten the process and improve your odds of having a successful outcome, you will need to avoid the following mistakes, as well as retain the services of an experienced legal team:

  •  Understating your medical condition: Occasionally, people are too proud to admit the extent of their medical condition, so the Disability Determination Services (DDS) may deny your claim. The claim may also be denied if your health issue is comprised of a number of small medical conditions. If none of the medical conditions listed on your form are determined to be severe, then the DDS agent will deny the claim without considering the compound effects of the non-severe medical conditions.
  •  Not fully explaining work history: If the claims examiner does not fully understand the requirements of your previous job, they may determine that you are still able to work based on a job title or an incorrect understanding. Detail in full the conditions and requirements of your work.
  •  Overstating your disability: A claim may be denied if the claimant made efforts to exaggerate his or her disability. It is best to be completely truthful and forthcoming.
  •  Attempting to file without assistance: There are multiple people and services available to help injured workers file for disability, and having their assistance can be vital in the outcome of your disability case. Doctors are necessary to give an accurate assessment of your disability, and attorneys are often called upon to help an individual navigate the legal complexities of disability cases.

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