Experiencing a financial burden can be stressful. The longer it continues, the more it can weigh on you and affect you emotionally and physically. If this is happening to you, you need not deal with it alone. There are those who you can talk to about your financial hardship. Those who can offer support and guidance.

You Can Talk to Family and Friends

Family and friends are some of the first people you should talk to about your struggles. If you are married, hopefully you and your spouse have been able to communicate on the best way to deal with your financial burden. You have learned to share the burden easing its effect on you. Yet, other family members and close friends may offer you advice, especially if they have been through similar financial hardship. They may share with you what they did or who helped them get their finances back on track. Some may even be able to help you financially.

You Can Talk to Your Creditors

Yes, if your financial burden is happening because of unpaid debt, your creditor may work with you. Your creditor wants you to pay them what you owe, and many of them may adjust terms to a payment plan that works better for you. It could benefit you to speak with them before making any other significant changes to your financial situation.

You Can Talk to a Financial Counselor

A professional financial counselor or advisor can help you go over your financial situation and determine ways to help ease your burden. They can help you come up with a financial plan that includes paying debt, budgeting, and saving. You can keep in contact with them regularly to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.

You Can Talk to a Bankruptcy Attorney

Your financial burden may be so overwhelming that filing bankruptcy would be better for you and your credit than continuing to struggle financially. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can look at your financial situation and know if bankruptcy is the best option regarding your financial crisis.

If you are burdened by heavy debt, contact Brock and Stout’s bankruptcy attorneys for a free evaluation of your situation. You can come talk to us and let us see if our family can help your family ease their financial stress.